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The New Animals is an interdisciplinary performance group that merges dance (mostly), theater (usually), and visual art (sometimes) with a hip hop influence (always) to create work for all ears, all eyes, all people.

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Markeith Wiley is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of The New Animals, A dance company that was formed officially in 2010.

Markeith has been in Seattle for a little over six years now and has begun to consider this city home. He moved here in ’06 to attend Cornish College of the Arts and has a background in musical theater, hip hop, ballet, contemporary dance, and just pretty much dance in general. Since living in Seattle, Markeith has had the pleasure of working with Wade Madsen, Deb Wolf, Geoffrey Johnson, Andrew Russel, Iyun Harrison, Washington Ensemble Theater Sandstrom Movement, Saint Genet, DeLaRue Presents (name dropping) and many others.

Markeith is a dance teacher at Seattle's home of contemporary dance Velocity Dance Center as well as other competitive studios in the outskirts of Washington. His work has been seen at On The Boards, The Annex Theater, The Aguilar-Fettig Residence, Velocity, The Triple Door and many places down the west coast. Markeith is currently a member of Lingo Productions under the direction of KT Niehoff.

Besides being completely consumed by the creative and collaborative potential of this city, (ahem, Satori Group) Markeith is very fond of his other artistic outlet, cooking! Come see me on stage and come see me in the kicthen. I promise not to disappoint.

Calie Swedberg finds joy in being still, being kind, drinking wine, lighting candles, walking, drinking coffee, the silence of the early morning, the seasons changing, sweating, cooking and eating, the wisdom of trees, visiting home, the feeling of growing upward and downward simultaneously...

She came from Minnesota to spend a year at Cornish. Four years later she graduated. Two and a half years after that she's just about comfortable calling Seattle her home. She has three brothers currently spanning the globe. She is a new animal.

Her plans include becoming less afraid of producing work, baking bread, and going to grad school. She wants to know you. Sometimes she's shy.

Molly Sides is a Seattle based Sound and Movement Artist. She moved from Ketchum, Idaho to attend Cornish College of the Arts and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Dance in 2010. Between, throughout, and since then, she has had the pleasure to work with such artists as Cherdonna and Lou, Ellie Sandstrom, SaltHorse, Kate Wallich, Spaghetti Co., and with the 2011 AWARDS show recipient, tEEth, on their production of Make/Believe. Currently, Molly has joined on as a member of Lingo Productions with KT Niehoff and The New Animals with Markeith Wiley.

Sides has choreographed and presented her own work at Velocity's Fall Kick Off, Harvest Festival, The Pink Door, Vermillion and various settings throughout Seattle and Idaho. Sides is the founder/curator of .Trigger. New Dance Happenings. at Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar.

Jamie Karlovich graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts in May of 2006. At Cornish, Jamie got the chance to work with Jason Ohlberg, Mary Sheldon Scott, Deborah Wolf, Tonya Lockyer, Michele Miller, Mark Haim, and Sonya Dawkins. She performed an excerpt from Jose Limon’s “A Choreographic Offering” and starred as the red woman in Martha Graham’s “Diversion of Angels”. She is, however, probably most influenced by Wade Madsen who she has studied with since the age of 15 through college and into the professional world. She has performed in Madsen’s company, Wade Madsen and Dancers as well as with Markeith Wiley’s “The Council”, Lehua Dance Theater, Redd Legg Dance, Dance Contemporary and Interweave Dance Theatre, the professional company associated with the Boulder Jazz Dance Workshop.

Jamie values her relationships with friends and family first and foremost and would be surrounded by people all of the time if possible. Coming from a family of musicians, Jamie played the flute from 5th grade through high school and even a bit through college. She is currently interested in learning more about web design, interior design, architecture, and the design of space in general. You may catch Jamie, unknowingly, swaying gently side to side, mimicking the movement of her rocking chair that she sits in religiously. She is very excited to continue performing with The New Animals in their second season.

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